Dalle 12 alle 22 siamo aperti per degustazioni, per discussioni animate sul vino, per mangiare (cucina sempre aperta) e pe’ sta’ bene

Why joining our Wineclub? Short answer is : unicorns.

Whether this is your first Wine Club Membership or becoming a member of yet another wine club is going to put you into trouble with your spouse, we got you covered. And how, you might ask? Well because we love drama.

This wine club is for those of you who like drinking and sharing (if you just like to fill up your cellar, this membership ain’t for you). The wines included in the membership have been sampled and collected through a crazy but accurate selection process between many artisanal wineries. Every shipment will be a journey and will be different from the previous one. We will lead you through the discovery of Montalcino different Terroirs and Landscapes.
We will lead you through most important Italian wines’ myth and legends, but most importantly…

We will lead you through your own personal quest of finding your Unicorn wines.

A Unicorn wine is the wine (or wines!) you find amongst the many, is the wine that makes you say omg (such words will never be uttered in a more appropriate situation) and you will never do without. The best thing about a unicorn wine? Originally, they were a myth, but once you’ve discovered the first one, you will keep searching for the next. We can only hope to support you in this journey of discovery, you’ll have fun with us. And that is because, for us at the Vineria Aperta, making the selection for you will be as exciting as you discovering something new.

And in case what is written above isn’t already enough:

Priority Access to our allocations and special deals
Exclusive Wine Experiences for you and three guests

No entrance or cancellation fees
Professional Tasting Notes

Over 1500 labels

Brunello di Montalcino reigns as king, sometimes we like to go beyond its borders, and our crazy wine list will certainly reflect that. Over 1500 labels from both old and new world wine countries made by artisans that truly know how to play with terroir-driven experiences.

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